Can somebody help with particles?

I used vegas for few years, and I have my intro done witch bcc particles.

I need do something similar in hitfilm pro. Can someone help me?


  • Triem23
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    Bwahaha, we've followed the same BCC tutorial! 

    Is your logo an image file or normal text? It affects a couple of steps in how you set this up, but it's pretty easy to set up otherwise. You want your logo to be white on a transparent background. If text, create it in its own Composite Shot. If it's a white image on a black background, put it in its own Composite Shot and add a demult effect, which knocks the black to transparent. 

    Create a new Composite Shot and drag in the Composite with your logo as a layer. 

    Create a particle sim layer. 

    In the Emitter Group, set Emitter Type to Layer, then select the layer with your logo. 

    This will make your particles spawn from the logo shape. 

    BCC and Hitfilm's controls are similar enough you should be able to fine tune from there. Only other thing to note is you want to create a point layer and, in your particle layer set Emitter Position to From Layer and select the point. Animate emitter position by animating the point. 

    You won't quite get the same look in Hitfilm--BCC Particle Turbulence is based off a fractal displacement, and Hitfilm's is based off motion randomization. You'll still get something cool.