Creating flyover - how to scale smoothly?

Hi all,

I'm currently creating a LEGO Star Wars video and discovered Hitfilm Express as an amazing way to make effects - really loving it so far!

I'm attempting to make a 2D flyover effect of a spaceship image over a video. I felt an effective way to do this was to keyframe the start and end image scaling and position, so that flying away for example, the ship gets smaller and lower on the screen (keeping it level in fact).

However, the rate of scaling makes the ship appear to be going slow when "up close" and really quick when "far away". This is due I guess to a decrease in size from 500% to 470% in a frame being less noticeable than a decrease of 100% to 70%, so even though its decreasing by the same percentage each frame, proportionally its a smaller change for larger images.

My workaround that I've thought of is a time consuming one of manually keyframing for each frame for the scale so that it decreases in size quickest while at its largest and slowest towards the end. I thought I'd check though that there's not a better/simpler way to get this effect?  

I hope that made some sense!



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    You'll want to experiment with the built-in keyframe interpolation curves (try "Smooth In"), or the value graph to fine tune your timing. You'll still only need two keyframes. 

    This video will help.. 

  • Duck1986
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    Brilliant, that's saved me a ton of time as editing the graph layout on the scale worked a treat! 

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!