Comedy Film Concepts?

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When I have an idea it is always a mixture of Movies i've seen or too similar to any movie. I"m just Stuck. 

To make a long Story short:

Does anyone have a good Concept or better a Scenario to build a Comedy movie on (non Commercial of course. You wont find this movie anywhere  when its been made (unless you wanted to)? Could be anything like a fish out of the Water thing or even a black Comedy its up to you.

Thank you for any suggestions. Any help is greatly appreciated 


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    I've heard this tip a lot: write what you know.  If you know a lot about (for example) woodworking and carpentry, write a story with that as a core element.  If you love cycling, use that.  If you love medieval lore, use that.  Start with something for which you already have at least some knowledge and interest, and use that to kickstart the process.

    Beyond that, I gotta say that you're asking a bit much.  Expecting someone to just hand over a film concept to you is a bit of a stretch, especially in this venue where most folks want to do the work themselves, not hand them off for someone else to produce.

    However, you may find more luck if you look in the right places.  Instead of going where the producers are (here), go where the writers are.  Find the people who are passionate about creating stories, but would prefer to collaborate with producers to bring them to life instead of doing the filming themselves.  In the area where I live, there's at least one regular event where writers bring their scripts to be "workshopped" in a sense by giving them to actors for a cold read-through.  I'm sure there are similar events elsewhere, and probably places online where writers post scripts for feedback and discussion.  It would be wise to do your research ahead of time, of course, but some of these events/sites may be open to producers peeking in and connecting with the writers for possible collaboration.

    TL;DR It sounds like you're a producer looking for a concept. You'll probably have better luck finding what you want by connecting with concept developers looking for producers, rather than fellow producers who probably don't want to relinquish their ideas.

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    Thanks a lot. 

    Yeah i know ist a Bit much but my question was Not written well i didn't Really want a full blown finished Concept  (thats waay too much). I was looking for an Inspiration, a Place to start. 

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