Hitfilm Appreciation

Well Ive been long wanting to say how much I appreciate Hitfilm and the combined Editor/Compositor deal. It's long overdue, especially for a new generation that doesnt come in from the film/TV world first and has no idea why editing and compositing were ever separate. Or the history in how fx evolved independently from keying , matting vs the original film cutting setups and avid and so on.

Editing definitely isn't as fast for me as Premiere but I look on the latest version of Premiere being so crash prone for me that it led me to Hitfilm in the first place for a previous gig I was doing.  Amazing users, amazing community,  this really is the place for the "pro-am" youtuber generation. 

I have signed up on the forums as well on behalf of the company I now work for Viewly but I wont get into that yet. Gonna hang out here a bit, check out some other work but I wanted to express my own personal love and appreciation for Hitfilm and everything you guys have done long before joining Viewly :) 


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    @fathamburger Awesome! 

    Look forward  to seeing what you've being doing with this beast in a pro setting.

  • well actually we're a platform, not a production company but there is also another animation director who works with us. For me its definitely learning all over again . I used to be pretty good with Combustion back in the day but now my role is in marketing, the goal is to get up enough cash and also free time to start making movies again. I was cutting basic FB videos and remix videos before as a "break even and pay the rent" sort of gig but Im glad it led me here

    Like anybody else I'm amazed at how much they give away and how much this gives Aftereffects a run for its money on even at the free level :)