HitFilm Express 2017 "Stopped Responding"

Hello everyone. I am having a major issue with HitFilm Express 2017 all of a sudden. I installed the program on Tuesday, December 26th, and it worked beautifully. Trying to use it today, and I am able to open the program, start a new project, and import the footage that I want to use. Once this is done, I am able to click anywhere once, and then it freezes and comes up with the error message that it has stopped responding and needs to be closed. This has happened multiple times, even after installing it again with repairs, then uninstalling it, and reinstalling it. The computer I am using is a brand new one, got it for Christmas. The specs are as follows:

Windows 10 (64-bit)
AMD Ryzen 5 1400 Quad Core Processor @ 3.20 GHz
Radeon RX 580 series Graphics
8 GB of RAM

I don't see an apparent issue, so if you do or have something to suggest, please let me know.


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    Having same issue

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    First thing to try is just make certain all your GPU drivers are current. There are a surprising amount of things old drivers can mess up.

    Otherwise, it's a new computer so you shouldn't have a bad registry or major Windows issues. Go ahead and run all Windows updates, and what other software have you installed? Specifically, antivirus?

    Also, what is the source of your footage? Camera, screen capture, etc? Things like file codec and type, or file SIZE might be an issue. For example, let's say (and we've had other users do this), you're trying to load in a 3 hour screen capture that's 100GB on the drive... That's a massive file, and Hitfilm needs to be able to look at a file to edit it--unlike a player that just streams frames and discards them. For this particular user I'm thinking of, the solution to his problem was just to split his 3 hour file every 15 minutes or so. This meant Hitfilm was dealing with several 8 GB files, not a single 100GB file.

    @ytyt same to you. :-)

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