Working with lots of layers / control panel usage

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Maybe there is an Option and I didn't find it so I am asking for help from adviced users.Depending on the Screen layout I Can edit/add effects and properties either inside the Control Panel or at the layer stack. I found that some sort of Irritating at the beginning of worling with hitfilm while now I got used to it. And with the new Option in pro to see keyframes at the Control Panel it becomes more useful.

But: I have some Projects with about 30-50 layers in a comp. Now when adding an effect to one layer using the Control Panel it opens like a tree to Show the effect and also at the layer stack the tree is expanding. While the first makes sense the second is a bit of pain when having so much layers - because now Scrolling down also means Scrolling the entries for mask, effects etc down which makes the list even longer.

I found out that pressing "-" collapses the view but Maybe there is an Option or trick to tell the layer stack NOT to expand automatically at all sinc now with keyframe Support inside the Control Panel the Panel becomes more powerful.

Maybe I am wrong with my workflow. What do other users do when having so much layers (which can't be divided by embedded comps because they are related)?


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