[Answered] Addons wont activate

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I recently purchased the audio-visual add on pack and it still says its not activated in the "activation" section of "options" in hitfilm. It says to activate, visit the store. But when I do, the store says its already activated. Please help!


  • Triem23
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    You should directly contact support. You will probably need to provide account and serial information you shouldn't give in an open forum. 


  • DanielGWood
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    For anyone else coming across this thread:

    As Triem says your best bet for a quick resolution is to contact Support. We may need to discuss license/purchase info, best not posted openly.

    However there are two things you can try on your own while you wait:

    1. Close and reopen the software twice. If the activation app doesn't appear during this, it did not detect any change to your license and so something might be wrong.

    2. If you activated "offline", or you don't have an internet connection on your Express machine, you will need to manually deactivate (File > Options > Activation) then reactivate the software.

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