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I have been trying out HitFilm Express and am very impressed with it but it has major performance issues on my laptop.

Once I am into a project, even when I am doing basic functions like trying to scroll or zoom in and out in the timeline, the application jumps and freezes and CPU max's out over 95%. Also, when I do scroll, the images and audio disappear in the tracks until the scrolling stops and it redraws it after a few seconds.

This all makes the program pretty much unusable as it stands. I have a reasonably good laptop computer that I have been using for with other video editing products like ShotCut and VideoPad and it has performed relatively well without any freezing or very slow response times. I updated my video card drivers to the latest version.

Any suggestions or performance tweaks I can try?


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    Let's start with your specs, Cpu, GPU, OS, RAM and storage. 

    What file types and codecs are your source videos? 

  • Win10 64 Bit
    Core i5-3337U 1.8GHz
    8GB Ram
    250GB SSD / USB external 2TB
    Intel HD Graphics 4000 / NVIDIA GeForce 710M

    My laptop has 2 graphics cards but I am unsure how it utilises one or both of them for display tasks. I currently run my laptop screen and an external monitor connected via HDMI where I do the bulk of my work.

    I do understand the part that computer resources play in particularly laborious tasks like video editing, but I was initially hesitant to post my specs because I have seen how some people can zero in on something and write the whole issue off due to that. That is why I commented that I have relatively little issues with other platforms, yet Hitfilm is practically unusable.

    Any help appreciated.


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