A Christmas Fantasy

This is unfinished (busy editing nativities) but my wife wanted something posted before Christmas. You'll get the general idea. Hope you enjoy:


  • tddavis
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    @TimStannard Nicely done!  Didn't seemed unfinished to me at all. That Hans Christian Andersen story of the Little Match Girl always hits you in the feels.

  • CleverTagline
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    Very nice!  Judging by the thumbnail I thought at first that it might just be the snowman family card involved in the story, but it was nice that they all played a part in some way.  While by your own admission it feels like more could be done to polish it, the effects as they stand still do the job nicely.  Bravo, and Merry Christmas to you!

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    @TimStannard Nice story!  What a great video Christmas card.  Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  • TimStannard
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    Thanks for taking the time to watch and comment. And a very Merry Christmas to you, and all who com across this forum.


  • DafterThings
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    I love it. I'd stopped reading the Little Match Girl once I had kids... this is a far more pleasant take on the story 

    There *are* some things that could be cleaned up but I really don't think it takes away from a fantastically well told story.

  • Thanks @tonyg. The possible weakness in my take on the story is that it does rather rely on the viewer being familiar with the Little Match Girl - I wonder whether it works so well in cultures/among people where the story is unknown. Thanks for viewing and your positive comments.

  • BobDiMarzio
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    I found it to be an outstanding piece of work.    I cannot imagine how much time it took start to finish.  The only thing that I think would tie it all together and tidy it up would be the traditional narrator voice over that usually is used as a lead in to this type of Christmas story.   I suggest a Patrick Stewart type of voice.  This way everyone seeing the video would understand the story of the match girl.  

  • Thanks Bob. I see what you mean about a narrator but  I was attempting to show rather than tell, my last film being a bit too reliant on voiceover for my liking (done entirely in Vegas hence not posted here) 


  • Rogyrue
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    Well done on the mantlepiece its a novel idea and some nice shots and effects . Maybe a colour grade would be nice with it .

  • BobDiMarzio
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    @TimStannard    I agree.  I did not mean that complete narration was needed.  I was thinking about a 20 seconds of lead in.  Like  "once upon a time there was this girl.............  I confess I had to google Match girl and after knowing the back story it added a ton  of "feels" when I watched your video again.

  • @rogyrue There's a lot of colour grading going on. In fact there is far too much at different levels (e.g. The background image, composites and overall) that I've made a right mess of what's what so I often have no clue how adjusting one parameter will affect the final image. You're right - it definitely needs work!


  • Rogyrue
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    TimStannard To harsh on yourself its good i just meant a extra tint for a final finish .  Like the effects and idea :)