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Recently, following along with Javert in the Puppet Tool tutorial, I had to open the Lifetime Panel, but it took over the spot next to the Preview window making it smaller.  How does one get it to be a TAB down next to the TEXT, MEDIA,CONTROLS & EFFECTS tabs?  I am beyond clueless about restructuring the interface and it never seems to go the way I think it's gonna... Thanks for any and all suggestions.


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    Somewhere in here I discuss customizing the interface. Check description for time code, and, on PC click the number to skip to that section. 

    Hmmm... This is a bit silly but it occurs to me I could make my window sets Hitfilm Marketplace downloads. Maybe I'll organize that, along with my startup templates...

    I have a video in progress I wasn't able to finish before Antarctica on optimizing Hitfilm for performance, but it's being expanded to cover migration (from Express to Pro or Pro 2017 to v6), which includes where Hitfilm stores things like layouts and presets. I picked up extra work shifts this week (which I'll take since I was gone for over a month), so I didn't get it finished for this week. I'll try for within the next week so my opening line can be, "So, you got Hitfilm Pro for Xmas..." 

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    So there is two ways to move them off of where they are. You can drag tabs and containers or right click and float them. Float the tab by right clicking the tab and choose "Float Panel". Float a tab group container by right clicking the area next to the tabs and choose "Float Container". You may have to make it wider to get some empty space next to the tabs.

    For just moving a tab between groups, dragging the tabs works. For major rearranging, floating the container and dropping it back in has worked better.

    Tabs can be redocked to the main window by dropped them in individually or the container if you click and drag from next to the tabs, not the very top bar.

    If you drop a tab or container at the window edge, it shows a blue bar the is the full height or width. This makes a new column or row. If you drop it on an existing container it shows the 4 way drop indicator. Dropping it on one of the indicators adds a new container to that side. Doing this also makes the two containers become rows or columns with each other and they share a common resizer that affects both.

    I hope this helps you to understand it better.

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    @PixlPants & @Trieim23 Thank you both. You got me sorted.  I wasn't clicking on the tab but the blue bar and would get the forbidden symbol. And Triem23 , yes, I took advantage of the Thanksgiving sale and upgraded to Pro (for) 2018 because of the puppet tool and then couldn't get it work the way I wanted until Javert's tutorial set me straight on that.   Normally, I'll skip the sale and upgrade after the holidays but I couldn't resist this time. BTW, my question was answered at your time code 10:10 minutes. Sad thing is I watched that video almost a year ago when you made it and forgot everything it taught me.  Need to rewatch the whole series to date.

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