The Photographer's Ephemeris

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I'm not sure  if this has been discussed before.  There is a free (desk top) app called the Photographer's Ephemeris.  it shows the angle of the sun and moon at any moment on any day anywhere in the world.  If you need to know on what day will  the sun rise directly over something , you can know without trial and error,  I find it essential for autonomous drone flight programming and sunrise photos and videos.

There is also an IOS app but that is not free.


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    I have a free Android app called Photo Tools (by hcpl) that can calculate sunup/down as well as. 

    - DOF & Hyperfocal Distance Calculator
    - Field Of View Calculator
    - Exposure Reciprocation Calculator
    - Flash Exposure Calculator
    - Multiple Exposure Compensation
    - Minimal Shutterspeed Calculator
    - Bellows Extension Calculator
    - Time Lapse Calculator
    - Timer
    - Stopwatch
    - Light Meter (using Camera & EXIF)
    - Sunny 16 (EV) Calculator
    - Blue & Golden Hour Calculator
    - Moon Phase & Exposure Calculator
    - Location Info
    - Weather Forecast
    - Color Wheel
    - Color Temperature Chart
    - Image Histogram Viewer
    - Image EXIF Reader
    - Photo Enlargement Calculator
    - Sharpening Radius Estimator
    - Level Indicator
    - Check Lists
    - Note Pad
    - Grid Overlay Camera
    - Gallery for Inspiration
    - Web links

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    Another option is SunSurveyor... it's similar to the others. :)


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    The main reason I like  Photographer's Ephemeris is that it has a free desk top version.   When I program drone missions with the Litchi mission hub.  I put Mission hub on one monitor and the Ephrmrtis on the other.