Fixing The Quality Of A Video Downloaded From YouTube

Hi everyone. I use Hitfilm 4 Express for downloading videos and I haven't had that much experience at doing that. I downloaded a YouTube clip of a fitness show from the 90s that I can't find on tv or anywhere else online. The picture of the video looks pretty faded and a bit blurry. Obviously, whoever uploaded it to YouTube didn't do it very well. How do I fix the downloaded video?


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    I'm afraid the short answer is you can't fix it.  Once an image (or video sequence) has been degraded there isn't anything you can do to add detail back, because that information is gone.

    You could try to add a sharpen filter, but that will introduce even more artifacts. 

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    Stargazer is correct. 

    Very long story shortish. 

    Digital Video uses lots of raw data. The h.264/mp4 video codec used by many cameras and by YouTube is a lossy "delivery" codec. "Lossy" means data gets thrown away. "Delivery" means it crams a file a small as possible for final playback.

    YouTube compresses SD video (old 90's tape, right?) by a ratio of 300:1 compared to the original data rate (I couldn't believe that number, so I checked it three times). 

    There isn't enough data left to do much correction. 



  • Thanks. I appreciate that. I'll try to contact ESPN to see if they any idea what channels the tv show is on, although I highly doubt they know.