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Hey guys,

I've been working on this effect for a few days. A scene where a girl activates a charm which puts her to sleep. The charm glows when it's activated. I can't help but feel It's missing something. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.




  • Triem23
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    The glow isn't lighting the girl.. 

    Basically, you need to add a grade layer, roto some quick masks where here skin and shirt would be lit, feather a bit, then use yoyr grading tools of choice to brighten and tint the areas. 

  • twhitworth
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     haha that's funny. I've actually done that. You're saying I need to boost that light even more? I swear I pulled it down because it almost looked like bruce leeroy in the last dragon lol

  • Stargazer54
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    First, your shot looks good and you could easily moved on. 

    Understand you would want this understated, but you might put some of the glow on the face back in, just a touch.  

    It also took several views to notice the particle swirl around the charm.  Might bring that up a little, too.  And perhaps have a few more particles approach her more to lend that they are an external force affecting the actress.

    All this is subjective, of course.  There is a fine line between having the effect "read" while maintaining plausibility.

  • twhitworth
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    Thanks for the suggestions Triem23 and Stargazer54. I looked at it again and it wouldn't hurt to add more glow, I'll try it and see what it looks like. My biggest concern was if people would find the effect distasteful, but it seems the problem is the glow on the skin and possibly the particles (didn't wanna overdo it there XD)

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    Video is unavailable. Did you pull it?

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    Hey jsbarret, 

    Yeah sorry, it was taken down for now.