Title Animation Attempt

Hello guys,

I've started learning Hitfilm for a couple weeks, I tried to replicate this title animation from watching a guide on AE.

Does it look OK?  I wonder if there's a better way to do it.

It wasn't as easy as it is in AE because there is no pen tool or shapes in Hitfilm, so I created the shapes in paint.net, then used masking on them for the animation.

Anyway this is my result. 

My attempt: 

AE tut: 

Thanks for reading. 




  • Triem23
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    Title is fine. Looks good. 

    So. An Ae shape layer isn't that much of a big deal. Shapes could have been easily created in Hitfilm with a masked plane. Using a paint program is a valid option as well, but, for future reference, don't overlook masking a plane for shapes. Concentric circles are easy. 

    Stroke tool can be replicated in Pro with Neon Path. In Express, use Lightning or Lightsword for straight lines. Just turn down the glows. 

    Take a look at this videocopilot tutorial. Yes, it's After Effects, but, most of this translates directly to Hitfilm. Notice how Andrew Kramer uses masked rectangles on planes with Polar Warp to create animated circles. Hitfilm can mask planes. Hitfilm has Polar Warp. This will get you closer to the circle wipe animation used in the Ae tutorial you linked. 

    This old Hitfilm 2 Ultimate tutorial from AGArtsCo is a must for motion graphics design. This tutorial covers techniques to create all kinds of shapes for titling. 

  • Andy001z
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    Looks nice, like it.

  • Thomekk
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    Hey, thanks Triem!
    The advanced shapes tutorial is amazingly cool : )

  • Triem23
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    @Thomekk yeah, that's a fantastic tutorial for anyone doing 2D mograph, and also is great for creating UI elements for HUDs and crosshairs! 

  • Thank you :)

    The AE one was pretty mind-blown as I haven't got to know well about effects in Hitfilm yet to reproduce such effects.

    But the advanced shapes tut is really amazing.