Can I "trim" a timeline object in a composite

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Hi. Is there any way to trim a timeline object?

For example. Imagine you have a logo, and you add it to your composite. It creates a new layer. But If I want to add the same logo again later on the timeline, for example 10 mintures after, I need to add it and creates a new layer.

I know I could probably turn the opacity down for 10 minutes, but I was wondering if there is a way to trim this as I am simulating on this image (light gray bar)?



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    No, it will always create a new layer if you cut it like that.

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    This is one of the fundamental differences between Composite Shots and the Editor Timeline. 

    The Editor is where one assembles clips into a sequence. A Composite Shot is where one creates shots for the Editor.

    The Editor is track based--multiple clips end to end. It's actually based on a tape workflow. Composite Shots are layer based with one event per layer. The workflow is similar to classic Disney animation where transparent cells were stacked together to create an image.

    So, that's a long bit of background on why you can't trim in a Composite Shot, and why such behavior will probably never be added. It would be a fundamental change in the entire structure of the Composite Shot. 

    Hope this helps you plan your workflow. :) 

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    Althoug I understand the logic of the horizontal and the vertical edition, and the layered structure. A feature like the one I am asking, in reality could be an interesting aproach.

    Things evolve, things get optimized. This can organize the layers in a new way. One layer per object, per character. This object can apear multiple times in a sequence.

    I would add a specific constrain. The segments can not overlap (like a transition) but beyond that I think It can be a very usefull feature.

    For now, and to avoid adding layers, I will simply my object transparent. The "need" is there. I'll leave it a s a whichlist.

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    Well, things evolve, things get optimized.

    A feature like that will probably optimize a composite, instead of having a long stack of layers per event, having a layer per object (in the same vertical position).

    I will let this as a whishlist.

    P.S. Acutally a multy track video editor includes the two dimensions. An horizontal dimension and editing, but also a layered track system, for greenscreen stuff for example.

    Imagine that you also add some "compositing" features to the editing module, for example change in position or scale. You already have an opacity one.

    This would make an "all in one" module.

    Just some thoughts. :o)


    P.S. 2 Here is a screenshot of the old Macromedia Director. One layer, one object separated segments on the same layer.

    Keygrames in Macromedia Director

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    With Hitfilm Pro v6 now allowing keyframing in the Editor Timeline that's become closer to what you're describing. In v6, technically the only reason to use Composite Shots is 3D animation and "Layer Only" effects. But...The distinction between tracks and layers, while subtle, is important (as Layer Only effects indicate), and you've effectively asked to change Composite Shots from Layers to Tracks.

    Agreed, things change, and maybe the developers will do that, but I think it's unlikely. I could be wrong, of course.

    Are you in Express 2017 (v5) ? If so, I think you'll be pleased when Express goes to v6 in a few months. Remember, the Editor Timeline also allows vertical stacking of tracks. 

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    How's about macro editing to settle many videos with the same parameters ?

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