Equipment rental idea

I have an idea for a new way to rent camera equipment and I want to see what others think of it. 
This idea is still in its infancy but to make a long story short, assume the site would provide a safe and secure way to rent gear from other filmmakers in your community and in turn rent out your gear as well. It would basically allow you to post whatever equipment you want to rent out locally and in turn allow others to search for equipment close to them. This is something I wanted to do on those days where some of my gear is not being used and is just sitting there. I realize this is not something that would appeal to everyone and I certainly wouldn't rent all of my equipment out.
Again, assuming it would be safe, (renter information, credit card deposit, insurance, etc....) would it be something you would use? 
Why or why not?
Thank you for your insight!


  • rgbii
    rgbii Posts: 960 Just Starting Out
    Would be nice, but it's the "assuming it would be safe" part that would be hard to do. Would probably require insurance of some kind, paid for by the renter.  This could really bump up the fees. Without insurance of some kind, it would be dificult to keep the equipment safe from damage and theft.
    For budget film makers, a few friends could each get different equipment than each other, they would just need to agree on how damages, etc... would be handled.
  • AxelWilkinson
    AxelWilkinson Posts: 5,255 Staff
    Considering the potential risks involved with renting out your own stuff, and the relative ease and affordability of already renting from reliable sites like , or I doubt I would go in for this.
    While I am confident in my own ability to care for rented equipment, I would be less confident in the people renting my own stuff through a crowdsourced arrangement like this.  There would kind of need to be someone in charge, taking responsibility if something bad happens or something goes wrong.  Using one of the sites listed above, I can get top-quality stuff that I know is well-maintained, and I know it will work perfectly when I get it.