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Hello ! I frequently see some images with lines. Like . or even some very not large lines what is very modern. How can i make a line effect ? The grid effect seems limited and is appearently not made for this use. Thanks for your help. 


  • CleverTagline
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    The grid effect should actually work quite well with the right settings.  Make a plane that's larger than the comp dimensions so you can rotate it.  Place the grid points on this plane, but outside the comp on opposite sides (top/bottom or left/right) so that you don't see a cross-line and just get lines in a single direction.  Play with the grid line width and point spacing to get what you want.

  • Triem23
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    Straight lines can be done with the grid as @jsbarrett described, or, you can make a long, thin plane (like 2000x20). Also, use lightning and turn down wavescale and twitch to 0 and turn the glow down. Or, use Lightsword and turn down the glow. With add-ons for Express, or in Pro, you have more options! 

  • MatBlanc
    MatBlanc Posts: 13 Just Starting Out*

    Thank you  ! I'll try it