HitFilm in the news :)


  • Triem23
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    Nice write up. 

  • Davlon
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    The author of the article wrote:

    "While HitFilm is aimed mainly at hobbyist filmmakers rather than professional ones, its feature set doesn't reflect that ... "

    "Hobbyist filmmakers" ?

    Beg your pardon.  Hitfilm is feeding my family.

  • CleverTagline
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    That's awesome that you're able to use HitFilm to help feed your family, @Davlon , but the author's statement isn't far off.  I think the folks at FXHOME would prefer "independent" over "hobbyist," but they've been pretty clear in everything I've seen that they're not trying to target major studios or filmmakers with HitFilm.  They want to make professional tools available to folks who might not have professional budgets.  A recent post on the official HitFilm Twitter account echoes that sentiment:

    "Guerilla filmmakers are joining the big leagues of VFX."

    In the Q&A that was done last Thursday, Josh, the CEO of FXHOME, essentially said the same thing (and if I had time to review the entire recording again, I'd share the part where he said that.)