Possible Competition For Youtube, Possible Income For Us

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So there’s a new video platform in town that is unique and may or may not give Youtube a run for its money, depending on the growth of the community. It’s thirsting for two most needed fronts. Content Makers & Developers. It is genuinely and fanatically invested in establishing an economy where content makers get rewarded with actual money and they drive the economy themselves, not corporate interests. 

It’s powered by Blockchain Technology; the same technology that’s making Bitcoin & all the other alternative currencies possible.  To cut what long seminars and lectures about Bitcoin & Blockchain technology short:

*There is no middle man. No third party. Only you & the economy of buyers and sellers.

PLEASE NOTE: It’s been a frustrating experience at first. But after a couple of hours, you’ll begin to see how this could be a thing.

The technology runs on a currency based on its own name, LBRY coin.

Currently, 1 LBRY coin is the equivalent of 0.2 USD.  Depending on how much the technology grows in the virtual currency market, these coins may inthe future be of much greater values. So if you accumulate a 100 now, and in the future, 1 LBRY coin is worth 2 USD for example…Do the math.


-This platform is still UNDER DEVELOPMENT.


-Means to share it on Social Media is..a mess. But can be done.


-Creators with no previous knowledge of Blockchain or is influenced by “scam” gossip will doubt it.



-You upload your content with a price tag of your choice or go free and ask for Support (Donations)

-Because it’s a Blockchain, its community driven. There will be no rules on what you can or cannot publish. There are no ADS involved.

-Viewers get paid minimal amounts of LBRY coins as an incentive to support content makers.

-Youtubers (some popular ones are doing this right now actually) can synchronize their already published content with the platform to start gaining LBRY coins from there.

-You’re in direct contact with the devs/mods on their Discord channel. They rewarded me with LBRY coins for reporting bugs. They’re very very open to suggestions and they openly report their technical greviances and WILL WORK with you as best as they possibly can.

I’m still new in this, but I’ve been an avid supporter of the Blockchain technology ever since its been introduced.

As a final note, the developers revealed to me that their source code can actually be re-purposed to host other kinds of content hosting services.

So imagine a Pond5/ShutterStock that runs on virtual currency with blockchain standards?

And some other erm...non-pg 13 stuff. Heh.

Thoughts? Questions? Discussion? I'm open. 


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    Unless its about gadgets, food, vlogging, I doubt you will make real money from any other category.  Unless you succeed offering niche content.  Video tutorials, amateur vfx, have very low chances of getting more than 10000 views a month.

    I heard 1000000 views gets you 2000usd in youtube, less googles cut(50%), deductables, etc, that's a whole lot less for a whole lot of effort.

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    So if there is no middle man, that means this must be some sort of torrent style technology meaning my computer could become host to other peoples content, some of which might be a) illegal or b) not ethical. Also means my bandwidth might get chocked (i'm guess that is configurable).

    These comments are made as someone, who knows only what is printed above about this tech. So just a comment rather than a statement of fact.


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    @chibi As a person who works in the Social Media department of a company that manages "Talents", I can vouch that this is simply not true.

    Successful Youtubers are masters of Integrated Marketing Communications (there are actually degrees based on the said subject). They have an understanding of Youtube's algorithyms, SEOS, Social Media platform or work with teams that do the numbers for them while they make sure they create regular content. Anyone that knows how that framework works can make a video hit the 10,000 benchmark with ease

    My friend is a manager for a Sudanese girl who is a hit here in the Middle East and all she does is mimic different arabic slangs.

    The key is that needs to be advertiser friendly, and that criteria is becoming more & more elusive.

    Case & point, Casey Neistat tried to monetize a video to donate money to the victims of TEXAS mass shooting. Youtube revoked it.

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    NEARLY THERE! I'm impressed.

    Bitcoin can be hosted on your computer. Your email. Your USB. Or a server, or even on a PAPER that is printed with the QR code of your "Wallet" (since its an encrypted numbers at the end of the day)

    The same can be said about videos. They get uploaded you "Buy" the URL of under any amount you like (they give you access to free 25 LBRY when you start I think). I bought mine with 0.000001 lol. So that url would be like lbry://myvideoiscool  (for example)

    Its a weird technology man, but it doesn't affect your bandwidth. 0 implications. You can choose to either download the video or watch it on the browser.

    The implications you talked about in terms of legality and content are extremely true. This was the same problem with Youtube during its primitive days when it first started (I mean outside of Google's hands) but you can imagine how got resolved very quickly.

    Since this is a new technology, they need a community that will believe in it and coders that'll dedicate themselves to solving all its problems.

    Its a wonky ass system, I will not lie. But it has a strong dedicated community that needs more members to perfect it.


  • And this has what to do with HitFilm?

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    Sorry...sounds like another "golden ring". Internet trash bin is full of golden rings.

    Good luck

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    @Timstannard Understood.


    Many of Hitfilm's Express/Pro users are content makers. This has everything to do with them. I'm just sharing my knowledge.

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    Over twenty years of Net experience tells me that very few people will able to understand some new concept in theory, even if they bother to try, which is rare.  As the comments above might suggest, net users seem to be burning out on the new concept parade. 

    So here's a new concept for ya!  :-)  Carefully edited content.  A very old concept actually, but new in the context of the social media "anybody can publish anything thus most everything sucks" realm.

    So, for example, a video site where anybody can submit videos, but only the very best are published, with most submissions being politely declined.  Forget about democratic inclusiveness, instead be an elitist platform that even really talented people have to fight their way in to.

    Imho, it's too late in net history to prosper with yet another "anybody can publish anything" site.  That was a really cool new concept twenty years ago, but it's been beat to death.


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    "...anybody can submit videos, but only the very best are published, with most submissions being politely declined..."

    a.k.a. film festivals?

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    So you work for one of those agencies, right? That gets the cut from YT creators?
    I didn't say you can't succeed. I said mostly the ones that succeed are in certain categories or a special niche category. 
    Mimic different arabic slangs, maybe some people find that "interesting" and watch her content and not many youtubers actually want to do something as "interesting" so she is in the special niche category and the monopoly.
    I still don't get why people watch pewdiepie but I guess people have more time to waste their lives on. I'd rather go to the beach.

    As for cg or vfx related categories,  views are too low for hitfilm youtube channels  from different creators. Not worth it.

    Cgbros and cgmeetup channel are the only cg vfx channels that look interesting.
    Pretty smart guys getting money out of other people cg work.

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    JMcAllister, sure, you bet, a film festival website would be an example.  The OP is referring to websites, that's what I'm responding to.