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  • Stargazer54
    Stargazer54 Moderator Moderator, Website User, Ambassador, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 3,084 Ambassador

    +1 for manipulating curves after they are drawn.  Need to be able to modify it either in AP or HF.

    On another note, being able to import 3D data from ASCII files or Excel would be most helpful.  (Yes, I know some sort of import option is coming - just don't know what.)

    I could envision importing black box data from an aircraft, for example.  In my experience with animating that, the data points are too close together.   Being able to drop data points from the import or after they are read in would be a must.

  • dplester
    dplester Website User Posts: 33

    Interestingly, I have two monitors, Action Pro is maximized on one monitor, the mouse (red dot) behaves as though the drawing window it is stretched the width of both monitors.

  • Jfrog
    Jfrog Website User Posts: 55

    @Aladdin4d Thank for the info.

    @Graymotion The leap is just following the movement of ether the left or right hand but the tracking is three dimensions (x,y,z) instead of two dimensions. 

  • DrFnord
    DrFnord Website User Posts: 110 Just Starting Out

    This looks like it will be extremely helpful and maybe even become like oxygen [--just cant live without it---] .

    Already looks like it will solve  many of the problems I encounter when trying to manipulate 3d Models.

    Wonder how long until I can afford this? ...I'll be looking forward to it!

  • Jfrog
    Jfrog Website User Posts: 55

    I hope this is the good place to suggest new feature, if not please let me know.

    It would be great if Action pro could import fbx or obj model. This model could be use as a canvas to draw the motions.  For example Dogfights motion could be drawn around a city object.  This would be very useful.

    Happy new year!

  • IsaacTheAnimator
    IsaacTheAnimator Website User Posts: 9

    Is there going to be an Action Express?

  • KirstieT
    KirstieT Staff Administrator, Moderator, Website User Posts: 1,069 Staff

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to jump in here to say that we haven't forgotten about our awesome Action Pro users :) With the rebrand to FXhome and the new release of HitFilm Express (as well as updates to HitFilm Pro and Ignite Pro), we've been very busy these last few months. 

    But we're working hard and there are some exciting updates in the works! We'll be keeping you updated - and @Jfrog this is certainly the place to suggest new features!

  • FilmSensei
    FilmSensei Moderator, Website User, Ambassador Posts: 2,834 Ambassador

    I am bumping this thread after hearing a question about Action Pro on the Live Stream last Thursday. The question was something to the effect of where are we at with Action Pro, and the answer was it is still being developed so stay tuned.

    Here is what has happened so far...

    • November, 2017 - Original (V 0.1) release along with a tutorial video
    • November, 2017 - Update (V 0.2) released about one week later adding a Snapping Tool
    • January, 2018 - Update (V 0.3) released adding the feature of data being inserted into three points (one for each axis, X, Y, and Z) instead of one point.

    Question: Is the Action Pro sales model the same as HitFilm, i.e. after one year will you be required to purchase another years of updates? If so, how much will that cost?

  • Rogyrue
    Rogyrue Website User Posts: 170 Just Starting Out
    edited August 2018


    FilmSensei said February was last one. Any details on a update ?. I did expect to see some added  functions added in the past 7 months . Hope to see are hear some thing soon .

  • Chalky64
    Chalky64 Website User Posts: 28 Just Starting Out*

    Having bought the "Pro" version of Hitfilm in order to get Action Pro, I too have been disappointed by the lack of updates/information/feedback. As others have already said, hopefully we will hear something from the developer soon.

  • Andersen01498
    Andersen01498 Website User, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 1,000 Enthusiast

    Will this software be updated any soon?   In my opinion right now its lacking in features...It feels like I have wasted my money on buying this software

  • KirstieT
    KirstieT Staff Administrator, Moderator, Website User Posts: 1,069 Staff

    @Andersen01498 @Chalky64 @Rogyrue I'm really sorry that you haven't seen an update in the last few months - we've written a forum post specifically addressing these concerns (and will be sending out newsletters to Action Pro users soon):

    Hope this clears things up for you? We'll be happy to help if you have any questions!

  • BruteSquad
    BruteSquad Website User Posts: 2
    edited December 2018

    I see the possibilities and they are exciting, but I am having a really hard time getting my focus on the correct buttons.  I am on Windows 10.

    For example:

    I create a new example and I try to open it.  I double click.. nothing.  Repeat that about four times and finally a double click works.  Then I get Recording #1 into the animation.  Now trying to click the camera view is impossible as it assumes I am trying to draw again and has the grey dot under the button that says "Free".  No way to access that button to change views, or the other two buttons.  Same with the buttons at the bottom of the screen.

    I have tried highlighting the Animation, the recording, the X, Y, or Z in the timeline.   I was able to click the Help button.  After clicking the Help button, I can access the other buttons on the screen.

    If I grab in the Free look and move around, the moment I take my finger off of the right button, it starts recording.  So I can quickly have 10 recordings that are junk data.

    Have I missed something that I was supposed to do?

    I have some things I can use this for, so any assistance is appreciated.



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