Ignite Express installer disable all Hitfilm 3 Pro Plugins

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Hello. I have Hitfilm 3 Pro and the plug-ins. I use Magix Vegas Pro 14. I use the Chroma Key plugin from Hitfilm 3 Pro Plugins.

When installing or updating Ignite Express, it KILLs all Hitfilm 3 Pro plugins.

This insanity and stupidity NEEDS to stop immediately!

I already PAY for the plugins, and I use them when and how I want them, and you have no right to disable them.

This policy is illegal and criminal because it interferes with our rights to use paid license of the plugins we acquire from you.

Rethink before you do this truculent act, or go to hell!



  • Palacono
    Palacono Website User, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 3,445 Enthusiast

    I also had this problem, but if you reinstall the Hitfilm 3 Plugins they  work fine again.  :)

    I think the issue is (something like) as the Ignite Express Plugins are a subset of the Ignite Pro Plugins, and you could have installed them over a demo version of the Pro plugins, it removes them all, then installs only the Ignite versions. Or something. Anyway, easily fixed.

    You will have a mixture of names afterwards. Some will be Hitfilm - plugin name and some will be Ignite - plugin name.

  • inScapeDigital
    inScapeDigital Website User Posts: 715 Just Starting Out

    First of all, relax. Second of all, you're installing a new version of a plugin pack over an existing one, so it's not outlandish to think that something might be accidentally overwritten.

    As Palacono said, this is likely a mistake that can be easily remedied. Do what he suggested, or contact Support.

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