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    Hello, Im new to hit film and I'm sorry for all of my rapid fire questions!  Anyway someone told me After Effects particle systems could easily be transferred into hit film!  So i pulled up an old tutorial i saw once apon a time however it had some vocabulary i can't figure out how to replicate.  If these are possible in hitfilm it would be great to know!
Heres the video.
4:46  Is it possible to have "auxiliary" particles that wave along with the main stream?
5:08 Color schemes?
12:14 flicker effect

Here are my other 2 questions
1.  What is the best way to track an iPhone/ipad so that i can place something different on the screen (not a hologram) i was thinking an on screen tracker would work nicely since the outside of an iPad is very smooth with not much to track!
2.  How do i access Mocha Hitfilm the tutorials all seem to start with it opened yet i can't find it.
Thankyou Merry Christmas!!!


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    for the first 3 questions its a yes except in hitfilm there under diffrent name.The auxilary particles are called mobile emitters. Not sure what you ment by color schemes if you mean can you select colors thats a yes. I have a topic on corner pin here it might be helpful.
    as for mocha. in the media menu goto new->camera solve with mocha.
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    For the particle effect they are creating there, I think Atomic particles are going to be a better approach tha a standard particle emitter.  But for normal particles, Nate066 is correct, Mobile Emitters are the best way to approach this.
    If you want to use a gradient to adjust the color of the particles over their lifetime, you can do so in the Lifetime panel.  Or, if you want to adjust the color of the entire effect over time, you can keyframe the Color property in the Appearance controls.
    The flicker effect is just a second set of particles, which have a very short life, so they disappear rather quickly.
    If you start with the Basics tutorial, we will always show you every step.  If you jump into some of the more advanced tutorials that build off the basics, then we won't necessarily repeat steps you have already learned:
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    Yah sorry it must be frustrating for you to just keep having tutorials I should have already looked at as the answer. However I am excited for tomorrow as I get to begin using it and get to put those tutorials to the test!
    I'm up to planeular tracking in mocha
    However I skipped some that didn't seem too interesting.
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    Also how could I get auxiliary particles to wave along with the original beam?
    See 4:46
    I really need to play with atomic particles!
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