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    Hello!  I bought and redeemed HitFilm couple weeks ago because it was on sale!  However i was told i couldn't use it till Christmas (the day i was supposed to get it on).  As a result i have not used it yet however after doing the trial, and watching lots of tutorials i am really pumped to start using it!
   However although i can't use hit film a will start amassing my collection of royalty free, stock footage, sound effects, and presets.  I have collected tons of footage and sound effects, however I'm having trouble finding presets!  Iv looked all over and only found the free ones from http://www.rodypolis.com/free-stuff.html.  However i would still like to amass more!  
   Unfortunately i have found allot of packs that i can't get to import because they are .hfpi files (i tried changing their extension).  Here are a few of the links to ones with unusable formats but they look awesome!
   Also apparently FXhome has some presets they give people who have the software! 
however i whent to the page and it said i needed to login!  So i logged into my hit film account and it said...
"You do not have any lab programs registered to your account. You can only access the download when you are logged-in to the account the program is registered to."
I checked what products were associated with my hit film account and it did have hit film 2 ultimate however my FXhome account didn't have it on my account....  So i used my serial code to try to register it whit my FXhome account... 
It said it worked yet it still didn't show the software and i still couldn't do it!
  Anyway if you have any presets you are willing to share i would be very happy to see them!
Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!


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