New Short Film

We recently launched our IndieGoGo campaign for our new short film "The White Room" which we are going to edit using HitFilm.

You can find all the information about the film and our cast & crew. Click Here

We really need your help to support this campaign and share it around.


  • Andy001z
    Andy001z Lord EarthPosts: 3,580 Ambassador

    Wishing you good luck, having never run a pitch for a film before I am not the best judge, but the indigogo page does feel a bit light on info. There is not that much info for me to get behind. No information on when or where it is set, will it be all in the chair or is the film going to take us on a journey with pleasing visuals. No mention of VFX, this is a VFX heavy community, anything for us? (Maybe grading needs?)

    Hope you don't see this as negative feedback just providing hopefully fair feedback, so you can be successful.