Film Riot 60 Second Short entry


  • DafterThings
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    Really enjoyable and a lot packed into a minute.  The *only* thing was between 23-26secs when I got confused who was who (broke the 180degree rule... or whatever it is called)...but that's being really picky.

    Overall well shot, well acted and the fx blended in nicely.

  • CleverTagline
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    +1 to Tony's comments.  I was also a little thrown at :19 when the sniper shot the AC unit the other gunner was hiding behind.  The two bullet holes appear, then suddenly there's a dead body.  Only after watching again did I barely catch the sound of the body hitting the ground.  That could have been mixed a little louder to make it more clear, perhaps with an added grunt/groan of the guy being hit before he fell.  That aside, this was really well made!