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Hey, Hitfilm community. I'm a young filmmaker and I would love to learn more and grow as a Due to this, it would an allot for maybe a few of you to check out my YouTube channel and make some critiques surrounding my more recent short films. I'm not trying to promote myself, I am genuinely interested in what I could do better as a filmmaker. Here's my channel: 


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    Great content, subbed. 

    Some things you might want to work on:

    In some of your videos, I noticed the audio was a little echoy. (I have little right to say this based on some of my videos on YT, but maybe try downloading audacity or isolating the audio in 2000 hz. What mic do you have? Camera? If you need to, try putting up eggfoam insulation for sound (eg, in your room), or adding fluffy/clothy objects around the room. But man, great content, great job-keep it up!