A Lego Stopmotion I made with Hitfilm Express. I would love some feedback on it too!


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    I got a bit lost right at the beginning with all the transporting but the effects were REALLY good. The audio was a bit low for me (but I don't have the best of hearing). The stop-motion was excellent although, for some reason, the rotating hands began to annoy me. 

    The sense of scale with the sub with the shot behind the characters was really good as well.

    Although short the storyline was enough for me to consider watching the next instalment to see where it goes.

  • CleverTagline
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    The animation is very well done, but as @tonyg pointed out, the voices were definitely mixed/recorded waaaaay too low, and the rotating hands began to be distracting pretty quickly.  It felt like it was just thrown in to look cool, without being motivated by the story.

    The transporting effects at the beginning were good, but I couldn't follow the story before they got into the room where the guy was being questioned.  It just felt like a series of disconnected actions and events.

    The overall story pace flows pretty well (aside from the opening), but the final shot feels rushed.  I would put a 1- to 1.5-second pause before the final line to give it more prominence, then give it a second or two after that line before launching into the end titles and such.  Good storytelling involves careful pacing of elements.  It's not just one line right after another.  Pauses help add contrast to the flow of the narrative.  The same goes for action moments.  There needs to be appropriate breathing room at the right times to let things read, and this applies to stop-motion LEGO animation as much as it does to live-action film.  Along that note, take the time to study different types of scenes from live-action film and TV projects -- action scenes, interrogation scenes, casual conversation, etc -- and pay close attention to pacing.  This will definitely help to improve your storytelling chops.

  • Thanks for the feedback guys! Pacing is an issue I have been having, @jsbarrett, and I am trying to work on it. I made a mistake on the audio when editing, as I did the noise reduction but forgot to increase the audio afterwards. 

    Thanks @tonyg, as I said before I did make a mistake on the audio.

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    @LordRingozinglyzong I've said this before but I admire the dedication it takes to do stopmotion.  After having a little play with a Lego City set for a FutureLearn class, I appreciate just how much goes into making something of this scope. (Mine was like 14 secs and took me forever.)  But as you already are aware, a lot of dialogue got lost but you can always fix that.  Hope to see more from you.

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    Great effort, what's already been said about audio and story at the start I support, but looks good.