a 'cinematic' journal of my life in November. Monthly project that keeps me busy with my cam


  • StormyKnight
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    Beautiful! You've got some really nice shots going on here! I enjoyed the whole presentation- the music was fitting and I like some of the blurred shots as well. Great use of depth of field in some of the scenes i.e. the souvenir shop (?) & the water droplets on the car window. 
    Seeing how you used your camera has inspired me to incorporate similar ideas in a project I'm working on.
    Keep up the great work!
  • Thanks man! if i helped you with anything or gave you ideas, i'm flattered.
  • KirstieT
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    I think probably "dreamy" is the only way to describe this. 
    Like StormyKnight said, the music is really fitting. I know this is only a video diary but the way it was presented made me feel like I was watching the end of a movie - or the beginning. It was disjointed but in a good way - and the fact that there was no specific plot offered to us didn't matter because the shots you took were so lovely in their own right - and were edited so well together.
    I especially liked how you didn't stick to one kind of 'shooting condition' - you had outside, inside, raining, sunny and in the car and they all were shot in a way which made them different but part of the same thing. 
    You really have a great eye for artistic shots - keep going! I'd love to see more of this.
    Without sounding like the typical photographer's nightmare, what camera did you use? Not to say that this was down to the camera, of course!
  • Thank you so much for all of the kind words. I rarely ever get any critiques over a few sentences so thanks for that. and yes, it is disjointed and without a narrative since it's random shots of random events of my life, but i've been thinking of maybe intertwining some sort of narrative in these.  And I make them (usually) every month, so i'll be sure to try and get feedback from you again.
    as for the equipment used. Literally just a Canon t3i with a stock kit lens (18-55mm).