Moz The Monster - The Alternate Ending

Ok so at 8pm last night we decided to have a quick bit of fun.. now this whole thing went from idea to completed within 8 hours so it doesn't have the most polish !

Also had a bit of a play turning day to night which was quite difficult as we shot this indoors with full lights on with an iphone.

Anyway, we had a laugh and i nearly got stuck under the bed !!


  • CleverTagline
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    So if that's the alternate ending, where's the original?

    That mystery aside, this is really well done!  A bit sad that the monster gets wiped out simply for snoring, but it's kind of twisted humor I suppose.  As cool as the gun effects are, one of my favorite bits was the movement of the toys on the floor as the monster snored.  Am I correct in guessing that the setup for that footage (and the part where the bed is moving) is why you almost got stuck under the bed?

  • jameskirstylou
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    hey JS ! i guess your not fromt he UK ? :)

    so in the UK a store chain called John Lewis release a Christmas advert every year and ours is just a spoof. Here's this years (it cost them £7 million and 11 months of time) : 

    and yes, bed was pusjed simply by myself ! the toys were done with practical with a wooden stick with the toys attached too at various lengths with fishign wire, and then the footage revered .

    Thanks for watching !