Hitfilm conference?

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Has there ever been a Hitfilm conference type of thing?  If not, it would be so cool to meet everybody who uses hitfilm.


  • FilmSensei
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    I believe there has been talk about this before on the forums. As I recall, the conclusion was to make an attempt to meet at a bigger conference (i.e. a breakout session at NAB), where HitFilm users might actually go anyway. Unfortunately,  that has never come to fruition. Most likely this is because most HitFilm users do not actually attend those conferences... only the high end professionals of the industry do. The biggest challenge to the idea of having a HitFiolm conference or get-together is that HitFilm is used all over the world, so wherever it would happen, there would be people left out.

    In the martial arts world, we have this same problem. The solution we have come up with is to have multiple conferences. For example: North American Conference, European Conference, African Conference, Asian Conference, etc.... Locating a conference in a place where a high number of users are close or can easily and inexpensively travel to would be very helpful as well. Also, live streaming the conference would boost attendance as far as people who are not there, and generate momentum toward future conferences in areas where those people are. I have personally run these kind of conferences in the martial arts world many times, and they can be very successful. If something like that for the HitFilm community were to occur, I would definitely be in!

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    You could always stream live right? Make your own virtual conference, with blackjack and... advertising friendly? hahaha