Fire Eating

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It's been a while but Alfie has uploaded a new video.

We took on previous advice about lighting and audio levels. I think it's better but still a little inconsistent in places. There are a couple of cuts which could have been better and one shot which, in my view, should have been re-shot or omitted altogether (he's the boss though).  

The fire effect looked much better until I saw it on a big screen. The smoke is OK although we couldn't get the smoke-coughs how we wanted (which was little wisps). The fire-breath looks good but 1) it took blooming ages to find how to adjust the colour in Dragon's Breath effect (and then only after finding a comment posted on these forums a couple of years ago) 2) We didn't know how to end it... fade out using opacity (looked awful), shoot off-screen (didn't look right), drawback into his mouth (a bit better but...)
In the end we went with reducing scale.

How would you have done it?

Any advice, comments, criticisms etc  please post here and/or comment on the video, Thanks


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    Apologies for responding to my own post but I have finally realised how we should have done the fire breath.  Something that looks like it's been coughed out rather than a flamethrower. Like a 'billowing ball' of fire which moves off-screen. Only realised after seeing footage of people doing it for real. Another lesson learned... check how it looks in real life and then simulate it.

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    Really nice VFX... expecially the dragon fire... pretty good. The phone sequence seemed a bit meandering... but other than that, the pacing was pretty good. The only other criticism is that at 1:59, the "kirren are you ok?" seemed a bit quick- a little scripted. But overall, nice video, very lol-able. (That's a real word that I really made up)

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    Really interesting you picked-up on that. Basically we mixed up the script and the direction for two different versions. Stupid mistake and, by the time we had uploaded the footage for editing, it was too late to reshoot so we had to go with what we had.