Greenscreen Joker Need help [Solved]

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Hello everyone.

Me and my Friends plan on making a film with the joker (Dark Knight version) in it and for Budget reasons we cannot Shoot Everything on a Location so we want to use a greenscreen but There is a Problem .

The jokers green hair and Vest make him Impossible to Key out properly and we cant use a Bluescreen either because of his Purple Coat and gloves  that would cause Problems. 

So my question: Do  you know any Other Colour for Chroma keying that would work well and wouldnt interfere with any of the jokers colours  (Yes There are  many) OR does anyone know a technique i can use to preserve the same Colour parts for example that Doesnt require frame by Frame rotoscoping

And help would be greately appreciated 


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    "we cant use a Bluescreen either because of his Purple Coat and gloves  that would cause Problems. "

    Not necessarily.  Blue isn't the same as purple.  Yes, purple is a mix of red and blue, but chroma keyers are picky enough to know the difference.  They typically operate with a very narrow tolerance level, so the hue can't vary much before it's seen as something that doesn't match.  My gut says that unless your purple coat leans pretty heavily toward blue, a bluescreen should work fine.

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    Bluescreen should be fine. 

    To expand briefly on what @jsbarrett wrote, Muppet Studios can actually shoot Kermit the Frog on greenscreen. He's different enough to work. 

    In general, any solid color will work. There are boring technical reasons why blue is most common on film and green most common on video. You could use orange, red, yellow... Any solid color. 

  • Thanks a lot to you guys I'll try the blue and if it Doesnt Work i apperently still have many colours to try out.