Looking for a better way to achieve what i want :)

Hi all,
Im just in dabling mode at the moment with the Demo, my partner and i are Treasure Hunters and im trying to make a little intro anim, heres what i have so far ...
What would be the best way to reveal the Treasure below our rotating logo as it moves across the screen?
Im currently using 3 planes that i adjust the opacity with, a nice effect but you can see the 3 clips, also tried moving clips but again they were visible at the edges.
The scene has 1 background pic with all the treasures on, the rest are used to reveal and hide them.
Any help appreciated.


  • CalebKCalebK Website User Posts: 435
    First off it should be faster as to keep peoples attention.  I would add sparkles so that its obvious when they appear... maybe red waves that come from the detector that reveals stuff.
    I would strongly suggest their tutorials page I've spent many hours watching and haven't regretted a second of it!
  • AxelWilkinsonAxelWilkinson Staff Administrator, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 5,243 Staff
    I would keep your 'treasures' all on one layer separate from the background.  Then just add a mask to that layer, feather the edges out a bit, and place the mask beneath your detector, and animate the mask's position to follow the detector's movement.
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