Hitfilm mp4 compression before UL to Youtube

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In Hitfilm, I render my videos using "Youtube 1080p HD MP4 1920x1080"

For example, the last project ended up rendering to 6.2GB in size.

My internet is not so fast, so uploading 6+GB files takes a very long time.

So I ran the 6.2GB file through Handbrake using "Very Fast 1080p30", and the file ended up being the exact same resolution and ended up being 480MB, and I cannot notice any loss of quality. 

So 480MB is a lot faster and easier for me to upload to youtube:)

Hope this is useful to others, or maybe there is a better way achieving this in Hitfilm?


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    "Very Fast 1080p30" has nothing to do with the output bitrate. If you are using the constant quality encoding method the RF/CRF value is what determines this. If you are using the average bitrate encoding method then the file size will be the same as Hitfilm if both are using the same average bitrate.

    Generally speaking, the x264 encoder that is used in Handbrake has much better quality at the same bitrate than the Mainconcept encoder used in Hitfilm (and Vegas and others). Exactly how much lower you can go depends on too many circumstances to generally comment. You have to test.

    Also, the Very fast preset in x264 is one of the lower quality presets for x264. The preset is designed for encoding speed and not encoding quality. With the CRF encoding method the quality should be similar to say Medium preset. Just a bit larger file. With the average bitrate encoding method very fast will be lower quality than say medium.

    If my memory serves me the Youtube 1080 preset in Hitfilm is about 16Mbps average bitrate. Average bitrate is what determines your ultimate file size.

    So you can push the bitrate lower with x264, which will lower your file size for upload. If you are going to do a double render, then I would make the Hitfilm render a higher bitrate than you would use for uploading to Youtube/Vimeo. This because, you are doing another encode. Every time you encode you lose a little quality.

    So the big file size reduction you got was due to the lower average bitrate you choose the the Handbrake/x264 encode. If you choose a higher average bitrate the file would have gotten bigger. Even with "very fast".

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    Thank you @NormanPCN for your reply.