Green Screen Masking?

I have a composite shot with a clip of green text with a greenscreen key on it, so only the outline of the text shows. Behind it, I have a color-changing video. But, I want the color changing effect to only appear inside the lettering where the greenscreen effect is. Is this possible to accomplish?


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    @Temprist I'm taking a guess here because I don't know exactly how the effect works but I think if make the text layer a composite and you drop a set matte effect on the text layer and use the background (unclick it to make it invisible) as the source it should show up in your text. I'll have a go at trying it to see if it works.

    Edit:  Disregard my above post.  I tried it and it doesn't work like I thought it would.

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    @Temprist and @tddavis

    What you want to do is make your text in a separate composite shot, with a transparant background (aka Alpha).

    Then, make a composite shot with your color changing video and the text layer below it (you can even make it invisible if you want to). Then, apply the set matte effect to the video and choose the text composite as the source layer. Set the matte source to alpha (so that it excludes the transparant part) and you're good to go.

    Hope that helps, Jamie

  • TempristTemprist Website User Posts: 13

    Worked perfectly, thanks Jamie. 

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