How to make composite shot of multiple sliced clips

Using Hitfilm 2017 Express.

I record a guitar based review video e.g. 10mins.  My audio is recording to another source (Cubase), my video with recording with GoPro.  I import the audio and video in to a new project and carefully sync up the audio/video.  Then I slice up the video and audio into many sections deleting all the mistakes.  I'm left with lots of small video clips on my timeline and lots of small audio clips.  My video was recorded against a green screen so I want to change the background, I also want to overlay it with another video in the top right corner requiring masking etc.  Therefore I need to make a composite shot.  However, how can I make a composite shot of all my little clips of video and audio in an efficient way without losing all the sync of my careful alignment of video and audio?  thx


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    Export the video, reload that back in and replace all the shots with that (place it on a layer above and turn off visibility for the layer with the individual clips so you can make changes later and repeat process if required), put that clip on it's own single (or multiple layers, if it's very long) composite(s) and make your changes?

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    OK thanks, i wondered if there was an efficient way to do it without exporting it to a single video first but guess not.  thanks for the help.

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    Well, at least the small screen in the corner doesn't require anything more than an extra layer in the Editor, with that layer resized and placed where you want it on screen.

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    @Palanco I rendered out my edited clips to a single video, reimported as a new track and made my composite shot with ease.  Thanks for the tips.  I'm sorted now.

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