How to make to different clips same size

So this is probably a stupid question. I am making a top list video and my 2nd inserted clip obviously isn't the same size as the first one. How do i make them the same size? I tried copy/pasting the transform scale/position but didn't work. Is there any command for making them the same size? I have made them almost the same size manually, but its really visible when it changes from the first to second one. 
Any answers appreciated, if you even got the question :P 


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    In the Editor Timeline you can right-click a media clip, go to transform and select scale to height.

    In a Composite you have to manually scale.

    If your clips are different sizes copy/paste scale properties won't work since scale is a percentage of the original size. 

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    So there is no accurate way to get 2 clips which are originally different sizes to match each other perfectly? 

    Anyway thanks!

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    Actually yes, there is. Basic math.

    Let's pretend you are editing at 720p and you have a source clip at 1080p and a clip at 1440p.


    66% scale makes the 1080p clip 720 pixels high.


    50% scaling makes the 1440p clip 720 pixels high. Perfect match. 

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    I was surprised when I ran into this. In the few software apps I used before HitFilm, the conversion to correct size was done automatically. It would be nice if there was a way to to force the scaling to a chosen project format. The problems get complicated fast when one imports different clips and then may have to scale them to another size. I have the following resolutions: 1920x1080, 852x480,1280x720 and work with 30 videos of various pixel resolutions at once. which means they need to be scaled to fit into 5x5 grid. Then I may display some of them in the 3x3 grid. FCPX andDaVinci Resolve had no problem to convert them to physical size of 1920x1080, which was specified in the project setting. This will probably make nested scaling difficult if not impossible.

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    The default behavior tells you something about Hitfilm's design.

    Programs that are primarily editors (Premiere, Vegas Pro, FCPX, etc) tend to auto scale media to the editing timeline.

    Programs that are primarily compositors (After Effects, Boris RED, Hitfilm) import media at actual size. For composting it's not unusual to bring in smaller elements (inserts) or larger sized background plates.

    Oh, something I should have mentioned last time - you can right click media on a Timeline and select a "Fit to frame" option in the Transform tab in the right-click menu. You can even select multiple clips and do a Fit to Frame on all at the same time.

    Changing default behavior for Hitfilm to auto-scale media to Timeline isn't a bad idea for the EDITOR. For Comps this messes up workflow. Maybe make a Feature Request thread in that part of the forum.