Too many Files to relink

So being the amateur I am I got myself into an issue. I imported a lot of files into hitfilm for a project and at one point it became too many to relink and Hitfilm would crash if I tried to open it (might just be my bad computer). I managed to avoid the issue by changing the names of folders so it would only open certain ones and by now I've trimmed down the amount of videos I'm using significantly so I'm using a reasonable amount. 

But that is gonna be in issue when it comes to exporting (and viewing the whole video at once, but in the end it's not necessary). Any ideas on how I can avoid going through every single file and checking if I used it or not and deleting manually? Since almost all of them were made into composite shots, I will get the ''video used in at least one timline'' warning no matter if it's on the actual timeline or not, so I can't use that to identify them quickly...  
I'd love any ideas that I could try so I can save myself a lot of hassle!
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    Hitfilm doesn't have a function to purge all unused media or a panel to display which timelines use which media...

    Ok, here's an idea..

    Create a new project. 

    You can select a Hitfilm Project File (*.hfp) via the Import Composite Shot option. Select a few Composite Shots (if a Composite Shot has embedded comps they automatically import. Just select "Final" comps.) then save as a new project. This will basically split up your project. But it will sort out the media for those "split" comps. 

    Note, Editor Timelines can't transfer between projects. 

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    @Triem23 First Of all, thanks! :) I've considered that option but seeing that I've trimmed and cut the composite shots a lot I think it might turn out even more time consuming to do that...  But it's something I'm definitely keeping in mind for the future, I can imagine it working on other projects!
    Right now I've managed to relink files in small groups, just hoping right now it won't crash on me again until I find an alternative solution!

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