How to Transcode to new codec for hitfilm 3 express

My problem is editing the footage from my, galaxy note 4, phone is super slow in hitfims 3 express(free version).  I am using a app called Open Camera to record video. When I look at the fiels with GSpot it says "avc1"  as the codec but the name says "H.264/MPEG-4 AVC".  So I'm not sure what codec it is exactly.  I've also used other software that gives similar results.  I have read the forums I know H.264 is not a good codec to edit in. I've tried to figure out how to transcode my files to DN-HD but I always get a blank screen when  I play the video or the video is blank in hitfilms when I import it. I've tried iDealshare, Brorsoft, ffmpeg, Mpeg Streamclip and apparently I cant figure out how to correctly transcode my files to something of good quality that hitfilms can edit decently and that doesn't give me blank video. PLEASE HELP!?!?


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    Pay  special attention to the Handbrake section 

    Why not upgrade to Hitfilm Express 2017? It's free and if you use the same email as for 3 Express any add ons you own migrate forward. 

  • Hey thanks for replying. I upgraded to Hitfilms Express 2017. I also watched the video and did what they showed in the Handbreak section and it did help. But not enough, Hitfilms is still laggy. Its okay at first but the video I'm editing started to get laggy around 10-15 mins and its real hard to edit again.  I have a pretty decent computer so its kinda frustrating. I also did a few other things I've see on youtube videos to reduce lag like run at quarter resolution instead of full, etc. 
    I really think I need to change my codec to an editing one to have hit films run better. Handbreak just says mp4 and doesnt let you select the codec. How can I transcode my H.264/MPEG-4 AVC to DN-HD? 

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    DNxHD? Try in the same video above. Look at MPEG Streamclip. Bear in mind for DNxHD you must have both Quicktime and the DNxHD codec installed. Download links in description.

    If in Hitfilm 2017 on Windows, Cineform is the best performing codec. That's covered in the same video above under GoPro Studio... 

  • -  ->  x   I'm new to all of this. I've tried MPEG Stream. My videos all come up blank and transcode blank in that program, And I followed the instructions to use it downloading the codec and quicktime. The sound works though, but thats not useful without video. Maybe it doesn't like my format, IDK.  Ill go back and watch the part about Cineform and try to change my videos to that. I didn't know that was the best for windows/hitfilm 2017. 
    Also I'm not opposed to buying software if there is something out there not crazy expensive that will transcode my files in bulk and easily. 
    Again thanks for the response. 

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    @ProCrash Cineform or NormanAVC are the best bets. Cineform gives you the best performance but large file sizes. NormanAVC doesn't quite the same performance but is still very good and much smaller files. Both are covered in the posted video using free tools. This thread:

    has more info and links to other threads going more in depth like NormanPCN's own thread and mine using VirtualDub to transcode to Cineform. 

    Arguably the best paid tool for HitFilm with Cineform, ProRes, DNx and Grass Valley support out of the box is FootageStudio 4K and it's running $129.00 right now. That's a little pricey but it is very good.

  • Aladdin4d Thanks for the tips. Memory really isn't an issue I have a couple terabytes to work with.  Performance in editing and quality are what I want to improve so Ill go with the Cineform . Ill look into the options you provided and let you know how they work. 

    Thanks again