Awakening of the Daleks short film

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Awakening of the Daleks is a short film i have been working on for the last few months. It started out as just a short clip showing of the Niklas Jansson re imaging of the Daleks, which i took his concepts and made them into 3d in 3ds max. I think the design is brilliant and need to come alive. But when i started i found myself writing a small back story around there birth. A group of time war survivors track down and retrieve a Progenitor to create a new Dalek Paradigm.

Paradigm Dalek concept by Niklas Jansson

Most of the film was shot in 3ds max, then everything else i did in Hitfilm pro. The scenes with the asteroids and black hole i created in hitfilm.

While working on this project i did encounter some issues. While pretty much happy with it, I wasn't to happy with the laser effects for the spacebattles, I started with a 3d particle laser  preset i downloaded, but found that for some reason it kept crashing hitfilm if i use more than one. So after that i used the animated lasers effect which looks alright but i feel it could do with improvement as re watching it i feel it looks flat. does anyone have suggestions i can try for future endeavors? Trying to do shield effects as well was a pain but i am happy with how it turned out,

So what do you think?




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    Hmmmm which particle preset did you download? If it was the one with wall damage and a wall plane, it's mine, and I'm surprised it's crashing as it was built in Hitfilm 3 on an i7 2700QM and Nvidia 580m.  Mediocre to poor hardware by current standards. Still, you could make that easier on the system by dropping the particle count on the main beam and deleting the mobile emitters for wall damage.

    Animated Lasers? Try zeroing out its inbuilt glow and add in additional glows after. The plain glow effect has more options, including A/B colors, so it has more options and control than the glow built into Animated Lasers.

    Shields... Fractal noise is always a good starter. Radio noise can generate rapid concentric circles for an impact point. Bulge, Sphere and/or bezier warp are all good things to shape the shield.

    I watched this earlier, but am working an outdoor event. Sunlight and cell phone is a terrible viewing environment, so I'll need to watch again for visuals, but I like your Dalek voices, and I like the combination of "generation 1" Mondasian Cybermen voices with "generation 7" "Cybus Industry" Cybermen.

    Sigh. You had the "New Paradigm" Dalek make the exact same idiot move Stephen Moffat had them make in "Victory of the Daleks." Bear with me here--in "Victory," we encounter a lost group of bronzes (Ironsides), pretending to be "servants of the British. One Dalek lets the Doctor--Dalek enemy number one--beat him with a baseball bat, and it's patient enough to take the beating to maintain their cover. These are scary-smart and patient Daleks that actually attain their goal!

    Then the ugliest Daleks ever designed are created, and the very first thing these mere five Daleks do is destroy the Ironsides for being "impure."

    Um...Robomen? Ogrons? Human mercs? Daleks have been willing to use impure and/or "lesser" species as servants and soldiers since long before the mythology had multiple groups/subspecies of Daleks. To repeat, the original Dalek strain (which the "New Paradigm" are supposed to be the last of) used non-Dalek slaves and mercs.

    So the five (only!) New Paradigm Daleks immediately slaughter the Ironsides who accept this fate like obedient soldiers. One of the smartest groups of Daleks the show ever gave us are exterminated by five idiots.

    Seriously, that was dumb. So dumb. Hey, New Paradigm idiots, use the Ironsides to build your new armory, assembly lines, and clone/breeding farms first so you have more than five of your species. While they're at it, have them build New Paradigm casings that aren't ugly. Once the NP Daleks swell their ranks from 5 to 50,000 (which is ONE SAUCER of Daleks), maybe they can kill off the Ironsides. Five? Hell, Cybermen could take them out. Or Sontarans. Movellans could do it, while looking rasta-riffic! 

    Notice that the New Paradigm Daleks are basically never seen again? Notice Skaro has a 2009 version Supreme Dalek? Yeah, the five and five only NP Daleks obviously got to Skaro where millions of type I, III, V, VI and bronze Daleks quickly showed the NP Daleks the error of their ways... Those millions of "impure" Daleks obviously didn't submit meekly to extermination. The NP Daleks obviously are serving as a special squad attached to the Supreme Dalek, but failed to create a New Paradigm Dalek Empire.

    Cuz they were stupid and and no patience or tactical planning.

    So, all that said, at least the 3D model you used is a neat design (and not utterly ugly like the NP Daleks), but a bit disappointing that your Progenitor Daleks make the exact same shortsighted error the NP did.

    I guess it's a good thing for the galaxy the human-hybrid Daleks--the smart ones--are such a minority! 

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    Wow, a bit of in depth response there, repect. 

    The film was meant to just showcase of the new design, i have no plans to do a full series of another film with at the moment. Future Dalek animations i have planned i will be set way before the time war and will use the good old Silver/blue 60's daleks, The best ones in my opinion.

    thank you for the laser and shield tips.

    As for the daleks killing each other, This idea didn't start with Victory of the Daleks. It has been going on since the 60's. Yes i agree it is a stupid thing to do as their are only 5 daleks but i get the reasons why they do it and it is true to their in universe lore.

    There have been numerous occasions the daleks have civil wars over racial purity, most notable is the Dalek/human Dalek and the Imperial/Renegade wars which were both over racial purity.  More so in the Imperial/Renegade conflict. Imperial Dalek mutants were modified with bionics added, Renegade Daleks which were the original Skaro mutants, could not stand this as it went against there view of what a dalek is and saw the imperials as impure, blighted.

    The Daleks Chronicles had a small civil war when some daleks gain emotions, they are wiped out for being different and un-dalek

    Cult of Skaro rebelled and killed Dalek sec as they no longer viewed him as a dalek when he started showing signs of compassion and wanted to change the human daleks to more human.

    Big finish audios also show that the daleks have civil wars when it comes to racial purity. Blood of the Daleks shows the skaro Daleks try to wipe out a colony to stop the birth of a human race of Daleks. To quote the Dalek supreme, "The bloodline of the daleks must be kept pure"

    Dalek Supreme comes to view the Dalek Time Controller as no longer a Dalek, but is killed by the Controller.

    Yeah Daleks will use other spieces as slaves or troops, but they always turn on them, once their usefulness is over.  Dalek masterplan totally proves this, they make an alliance with several races, but once the daleks have what they want they turn on the alliance and kill the leaders and they were to then go to war with them.

    So yes i get your reasons and i do agree with most of them, i hated the NP Daleks but loved the voices, but by the in universe lore of the Daleks, they  would have to despose of the impure daleks, due to the racial purity being programmed into them, they could not stand by with daleks that see as impure.

    The reason you see bronze daleks with the NPs is later showen as the NP casing is a officer casing, but the mutants in the bronze daleks are NP mutants.


    Didnt mean for that to go on as long as it did lol.



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    Very fun short!  You had me engaged all the way through.  While I've watched plenty of Dr Who, I haven't delved that deeply into the lore to discuss that level of things, so I'll just talk about the production aspects.

    Very nice job on the audio!  You hit the Dalek vocal style pretty much spot-on (from my memory).  My only audio quibble is that the sound clips in a few places, especially where you've got overlapping Dalek voices.  If only HitFilm had a compressor...  *sigh*.   Until that happens, you'll have to just use your ears along with watching levels in meters to prevent that kind of thing from happening.

    The camera shaking as ships pass kind of works for me, but it felt in most cases like the shake got too strong too soon, and didn't taper off quickly enough on the end.  IMO the low-frequency rumble of a passing ship wouldn't create big sweeping earthquake-like shakes like you've got, but more subtle shaking/rattling, with the kind of buzz that makes dishes scoot across countertops (best way I can describe it).

    Your other camera motion all worked pretty well for me minus one interior shot where the camera lifts up from behind a control console and then just slams to a stop with a linear keyframe.  Ease into those stops more gently by either using smooth tangents or manual bezier, depending on how much control you want.

    The asteroids were nice as far as their size and motion, but texture-wise they felt like oversized Nerds candy. Waaaaayyy too smooth. 

    It's been a few minutes since I watched it, and those are all the things I can remember off the top of my head.  As I said above, you had me engaged, which means you were telling a good story, which is the most important thing.  Production quality can be improved with time and practice, but if the story isn't well-told, the best production in the world won't save it.

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    Oh, I'm familiar with the all the Dalek on Dalek violence. I adore the special weapons Dalek. We may only see it in action once, but it took out a whole damn SQUAD of Renegades.

    I still argue the NP erred. :). One could argue the Ironsides proved their own inferiority just by, well, restoring a group who would kill 'em, mind you. But FIVE? 

    Then there's this.