[SUGGESTION] Auto-pane switch (Trimmer 2 Editor timeline)

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If I have posted in the wrong category I apologise in advance.

May I please make a suggestion?  I use keyboard shortcuts to edit my videos and the only time I have to use a mouse is when I have inserted or overlay-ed a clip in the Trimmer pane and I have to click to the Editor to check the result, eg PgUp and Shift+< to check the join, etc.

My suggestion is: once these two actions are committed that the cursor is automatically placed in the Editor pane.

I understand I may be in a minority here and it is preferred by more expert editors to keep keyboard control in the pane it is working on, which raises another suggestion: an option in the Settings for a default setting.

Thank you. I appreciate your time to read this and to even consider this/these suggestion(s).

Best regards


PS Thank you for a wonderful video editor/compositor that is HitFilm Express. I always tag "HitFilm" in my videos.

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