TV safe borders

Hello All:

I hope this is something you can help me with.

When I export my production, it comes out too big for the screen. It looks good in production, but exports larger.

How do I correct this?

AND, please, you are dealing with someone who used to own an 8 track!!

Keep it simple!!




  • TotopoCraft
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    What are your export settings? And what resolution is your footage?

  • Palacono
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    And how much larger? 10% or 100% and what are you viewing it on?

  • Hello Emecorp and Palacono:

    Thank you for responding. I am using HitFilm Pro.

    First, Emecorp; 

    Project settings - Standard template 720p HD @NTSC 29.97 fps.

    Width; 1280 p. Width; 720 p.

    Video size - 1920 x 1080 

    Export settings; Width - 1280, Height - 720

    Palacono; Around 10%.


  • BobDiMarzio
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    I do not think you are exporting larger I think you are experiencing what your title mentions.  TV safe.   I like to watch youTube Videos on my TV.  I use a HDMI splitter direct from the PC. The Video appears larger on the TV thus I lose some information around the border which can be a PIA with some tutorials.  If you Google TV Title safe and TV action safe borders you will  notice that most editing documentation recommend that important information is within the recommended borders because there may be unintended cropping depending on the TV.  Many editors have a built in template but there are tons of overlays that you can down load for free or create yourself using your favorite photo editor.

  • Triem23
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    @BobDiMarzio ahem. Grid filter...

    TV action safe is considered to be 90% total area, title safe is 80% of total area.

    We'll discuss action safe for 1920x1080.

    Center is 0,0 so we'll divide our dimensions by 2 for +/-860, +/-540.

    10% of this is 86 and 54



    Place point 1 of your grid at -774,+396. Place point 2 at +774, - 396. 

    Set layer blend to ADD and bring to the top of the layer stack. 

    Action safe built.

    Right click this grid effect in the Controls list and select "Save Preset."

    Now...grid presets (I think) scale relative to the size of the plane dropped on. This preset might work for any size project.

    I'm certain you can work the numbers for title safe.

    @itsallanact I have to ask. As you're putting 1080p video in a 720p timeline, you are scaling the video down in your timeline, correct? By default Hitfilm places media at actual size, so if you've not scaled your video down, obviously you're losing edges. 

  • NormanPCN
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    Hitfilm has some Grid presets for title safe at various resolutions.

  • Triem23
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    @NormanPCN you'd think I'd remember that since I think I'm the one who built them! D'oh! 

  • BobDiMarzio
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    @Triem Yes you are absolutely correct.  To add insult to injury, I did not realize that the Action safe grid is attached to the Title safe grid.  


  • Wow!!

    First, thank you for taking the time to respond. I appreciate it!!

    BobDiMarzio : That is exactly what is happening. What I did was just go in and re-size everything down a bit.

    Triem23 : Okay!?! Well, I will do this, however, you should provide me with your cell, because whenever I do this kind of technical stuff, I push 'enter', and the computer always says, 'You're stupid!'.

    And yes, HitFilm does re-size.

    I will do my best and let you know.

    PS Would it matter if I am importing into a composite?

    NormanPCN : Yes, I know. However, it seems like it is inside the checker, and yet is larger when viewed in Editor mode. Probably my inexperience!!

    Thank you again all!!