New novice VFX tool coming to Nintendo Handheld systems

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I thought this was interesting and wanted to share.  Theres an app called "I am in the movie" which will allow people to use their Nintendo DSi and hopefully 3DS to create some cool VFX shots.  There website has some visuals available.  For $1.99 it may not tickle the fancy of professional VFX artists, but this is how kids and random people get drawn in.

"I am in the movie" is a visual effects tool for Nintendo handhelds, which can recreate visual effects from Hollywood movies.
Using the system's camera and real time video processing it can transform you into the hero or villain from various blockbusters.
You can be the actor and/or director and recreate famous scenes or improv and create your very own original scenes.
"I am in the movie" recreates visual effects from a number of Hollywood blockbusters. You control what effects you want to trigger and when. All effects can be customized. You can change any text or image on screen. You can record and export YouTube ready videos to the SD Card. You can also take photos and save them to the Photo Album or export them to the SD Card. Another interesting feature is the ability to replace the background behind the actor with a photo or video. The program also features a built-in animation editor, which lets you draw and add interactive animating images to your videos. You can have a buddy be the actor, while you film him and trigger visual effects. But you can also be a one man actor/director, thanks to the the self timer feature and add effects afterwards with the post production feature.
  • Trigger visual effects like thermal vision, cloaking, morphing, explosion and more
  • Record short video clips up to 10 seconds and export them to the SD Card as .avi files
  • Take photos and screenshots and save them to the Photo Album or SD card as .bmp files
  • Record custom sound effects with the microphone and use them in your videos
  • Customize the visual effects: edit text, edit images, assign sound effects and more
  • Replace the background behind the actor with a photo or full motion video
  • Use self timer and post production and become both: actor and director
  • Create interactive animations with the built-in animation editor
  • No green screen or blue screen required


  • SimonKJones
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    The UI reminds me of 1998. Nintendo handhelds seem like an odd release platform for this - it's the kind of random thing that could do really well on smartphone app stores.
  • MichaelJames
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    Possibly, but I feel like the smartphone market is just like the apple software market.  Very crowded and fickle.  I am sure the app will make its way over to smartphones.  I think this compares with hitfilm going PC first because of the market penetration that those line of handhelds have.  Im sure its easier to program for hardware that will be out of the next 5 years instead of worrying about making things play on different versions of software and hardware.
    Millions of people with a DSi, 3ds or new 2ds who are looking for fun quick things.  Apparently Nintendo has become amazing with supporting indie developers and so you pretty much get the red carpet treatment.