AudioDirector 7 (or 8) for art/abstract video sound?

Hi all,

I'm trying to find an audio program that lets me explore and manipulate sound with the ease and inspiration that HitFilm does for video. I've tried software like Acid and Tracktion, but find them to be too music-oriented, where I just want to layer recordings, run them through effects, and generally wreak havoc with audio. Does anyone have experience with Cyberlink's AudioDirector for this? What's it like? It seems to be everything I need short of being able to use VSTi (and I have software I can use for that), though it can use VST fx. Is there another program I should check out instead?



  • Andy001z
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    Have u looked at Audacity?

  • I have. It's what I'm using right now to layer sounds, but it feels more suited to manipulating individual sounds/effects with a goal in mind than experimenting with a full soundtrack.

  • Triem23
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    Oddly enough I suggest Magix Vegas (or Vegas Pro). Vegas was developed by the same team that created ACID so you'll have some familiarity with the interface. Vegas originally was a multitrack audio editor and didn't add video editing capability till version 3.

    You'll be able to cut, slice, stretch, pitch shift, reverse tracks of audio in mono, stereo or full surround. You'll be able to use DX and VST plug ins.  You can set the time rulers for video formats or beats per minute. Vegas has the best audio mixing of any NLE, bar none--you'll be able to add effects to a clip, a track, anywhere in a virus bus and at your master output. Vegas's effects are geared for real-time playback, so non-destructive editing...

    If you have ACIDIZED loops Vegas can read their metadata. 

    And Vegas is a superior NLE that works amazingly well alongside Hitfilm!

    Now Vegas (this would apply to any multichannel DAW) won't have quite all the features of a dedicated (destructive edit) audio editor, but something like Audacity or Reaper can augment nicely. Or Sound Forge.

    Also remember you're not stuck with one program. You can mangle a sound in Audacity, take it to Vegas to mix, bounce it out and take it to Hitfilm, then back to Vegas, etc...

    Hitfilm? Yeah, its audio effects have thier own character. And Hitfilm's Doppler Shift effect is much fun. Technically Hitfilm doesn't export audio only, but, make a custom export template where Export Video is unchecked and audio will quickly render to 'blank' video, and Vegas, Audacity, Reaper, ACID, etc can extract the audio to a real audio-only format. 

  • Aladdin4d
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    +1 for Vegas. Triem23 covered it well.

    Other things you might want to look at:

    Acoustica from Acon Digital VST and VST3 support. The Premium edition is $199.00 but it adds spectral editing and their Restoration Suite. I know restoration isn't what you're asking about but if you've ever drooled over Izotope's Rx the is the next best thing and cheaper. Overall it's a very solid audio editor. 

    Zynewave Podium Yeah it's a DAW and music oriented but it might fit the layering and mixing that you want to do better then some others and handle VSTi's.

    Wavosaur is still alive and kicking. 

    I've never tried AudioDirector so all I can really say is try 'em all till you find something you like

  • Thank you both! I actually have Vegas, but never considered it for audio. Acoustica looks way out of my league, but I think I can probably work with Wavosaur and Audacity to manipulate single sounds for layering and further manipulation in Vegas. 

    Awesome.. Thanks!