The ONE thing every artist NEEDS to know

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... according to Andrew Huang:


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    Thanks for sharing!

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    I must say, I agree with Mr. Huang.

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    Art is never finished, merely abandoned. 

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    The same can be said for research papers

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    Setting out ones own definition of "Finished" is also important, otherwise how do you know when it's finished or not. There is always room for a tweak!

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    I find finished is when you do the 'Final' export, then spot a mistake, correct it, export, spot another one, correct it, export it, spot another one, correct it, export, look, look again, nope, nothing glaringly bad.. and relax.

    Of course: come back a week later and spot something that should have been obvious from the start and...repeat. ;)


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    I think it's "finished" once you've gone through @Palacono's steps, upload the tutorial to Youtube, then have someone point out a glitch to you in the comments, and which point you kinda go #($* it, I'm NOT spending another three hours, rendering, another 45 minutes uploading, another 20 minutes waiting for Youtube to process, while redoing all the tags and #^&!

    Then you wish you had the funds for Vimeo Pro, which would actually let you upload a new version of the video without destroying the view history of the original version.

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    @Triem23 I'll +1 that last comment a million times.  I end up with so many versions will I'm tweaking but I can't overwrite for just that reason.  It would sure declutter things, wouldn't it?

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    @tddavis Well, it would keep tutorials current... So, on the Hit-U channel, there's an "Essential Hitfilm 02/04a" video for HFP 2017 Update 3 because Update 3 added a function I specifically said Hitfilm DIDN'T have!.

    So, y'know, Vimeo, I could just go into the tutorial EDL, add in the updated information, re-render, then re-upload. Long term, Essential Hitfilm could be constantly updated to be current--like, sometime around December, I could strip all the Hitfilm 4 stuff out of Import/Export everything on the assumption that Express users are on 2017, and 4 Pro users would have had the software for two years, thus should already know this stuff...

    Hit-U long term goal is, of course, to get enough subscribers to try and make Patreon viable, at which point Patreons would get exactly that--the constantly updated/current Essential Hitfilm....