Gopro timelapse tutorial!

How to make timelapses look way better! This is my first time doing a tutorial video. What do you think?


  • TotopoCraft
    TotopoCraft Posts: 195 Just Starting Out*

    Thanks! here are my comments.

    1. Excelent Audio! And Talking to the camera helps a lot to engage. 

    2. Even when is a short tutorial, I think you could cut some more footage in your edits. You know, juuust a little bit

    It is a great Ken Burns effect tutorial!

  • @emecorp awesome feedback. I wanna start doing these types of videos more, so I really appreciate it. 

  • Triem23
    Triem23 Posts: 20,288 Power User

    It's well presented and well broken down. You did a nice subtle grade on the footage.

    One thing to consider is the "Action Cam Distort" filter to "defish" the image a bit. The curvature of the bridge pylon and the ground in front of the camera is a bit of a giveaway for the crop-zoom.

    Good tutorial. I've added a Hit-U playlist for your channel's tutorials, so now you have to do more.