Problem with Ignite Action Cam Lens Distort effect and Vegas Pro 15


I have a strange problem with the Ignite Action Cam Lens Distort filter in Vegas Pro 15: In a 1920x1080 project it works fine with the GoPro HERO3+/4 Wide 16x9 preset as long as I render the video with the project resolution. As soon as I render the project with a 1280x720 setting the corrected image is not scaled correctly - it does not fill the screen anymore (there are curved black areas at the top and the bottom).

Thanks for any help


P.S.: Scaling the video down using a separate application is a workaround I already know - still this is a bug...


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    As no one has responded, I'll tag @Ady just so we know he knows and he knows we know he knows. :)

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    Nesting the project should work too. Save the 1080p project, start a new 720p project then import the original project as a media clip.

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    @Aladdin4d I've tested this and nesting does correcting import without messing up the distortion, but you do have to wait for the proxy file to build. Depending on the length (and complexity) of the original project, this could take awhile.

    But, you don't have to nest.

    So--Still probably a bug, but here's what's happening. You're importing the footage and applying the Action Cam Distort to 1080p footage. When exporting to 720p Vegas is scaling on-the-fly. The distortion was set for 1080, so it's not scaling the distortion correctly.

    Solution (And I've just tested this twice). Just before render hit Alt+Enter to bring up the Project Properties and change the dimensions to 1280x720. In general Vegas does amazingly well at rescaling entire projects instantly once you change the project resolution. Everything else should work fine, but, yes, your action cam distort will be off. If you go into the clips with Action Cam distort on them and toggle the "Reverse" checkbox off and on, the distortion will recalculate. From there you can render a 1280x720 project, and just not resave the project--or resave as 1280x720. Depending on length/complexity of the project this is possibly faster than loading in a nest. I guess it depends on where you've added the Action Cam Distort--Clip, Track or Media Bin level?

    I'm curious--why are you editing at 1920x1080 and exporting 1280x720?

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    @FrancisFord - Thank you for bringing this to our attention, this is a bug we are aware of & a fix is being investigated.

  •  @Triem23 - The simple reason for the export in a lower resolution is to produce a smaller preview (during the editing process) that renders, uploads and downloads faster. Not a very important use case...


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    Duh. Proof intermediates. :-)

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    Hello, i noted that this has still not been fixed. I also have a workaround. Basically i figured that its the order of effect processing in the effects chain. Now before you get too happy there's an annoying side effect, which means you MAY want to switch off the effect while editing as it warps the image in the preview window (but not if it is set to preview mode or draft or i just noted if good or best but on Full (not auto)).

    All the effects go into the effect chain after the pan/crop by default. This means when you render that what comes out of pan/crop is no longer the same as the source size in this scenario where the source and the output are different sizes. Given the curvature maths involved i guess this plugin then cannot compute correctly given the new size of the image it is working on.

    So drag the plugin before pan/crop then it works on the original size before going through the scaling. Just remember as noted above that some preview windows settings aren't compatible with it and some are.

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