DLKeur's New 'What I'm Doing' Thread (Fall 2017)

DLKeur Posts: 326 Just Starting Out*

So, I've been gone a long time. Got very, very sick, and it's taken months to get better. Meanwhile, no video-ing got done. Nothing. So, getting back into the game, I'm working on a performance video for Living in the Past which was recorded months ago with our old cameras. This week, the new mounts and new cameras are in, the mounts installed, remote controllers working, video monitors working. The only FAIL so far is that, even though they're supposed to, they don't ...record straight to the dedicated drives, instead of to the camera cards. Not sure what I'me doing wrong, but I trust husband to figure it out ...sooner or later. 

We were supposed to video this weekend, but I don't think that's going to happen until the record direct-to-drive thing gets figured out. Pulling cards from the cameras is just BS.