OBJ imports with no textures!

Hi Hit Film Forums.
    I am new to HitFilm 2 and i just got the demo.  I am trying to make a movie with some Japanese zero fighters in it.  I got a 3D file of a zero fighter from the internet in the form of a .obj.  I looked on YouTube and found out how to import 3D files into HitFilm 2.  However when I imported the obj file into HitFilm, it had no textures!  The obj file came with an mtl and some texture files in a folder and i have attached that folder.  if someone could look over the folder and tell me what is wrong with it or fix it, that would be awesome.  I have read up on the problem and some people say that you need to edit the mtl file with note pad or text edit but i don't know anything about that kind of stuff.  Pleas Help Me!!!!
Ps sorry if i did not post this in the correct place :(
Thank You