Benders (film learnin 60k comp)

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So this video took me about two months to make. It was a long process but I'm happy how it came out. 


  • Triem23
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    Lotta work on that one!

    I like the concept, I like the ending and I think a lot of the staging of the main battle is very clever and ambitious. It's a strong entry and Grant should enjoy it.

    For future reference, a strange thing in editing is the more of a difference between two adjacent shots, the smoother the edit flows. There's a few bits in the battle where the camera is moving around your actors but all the shots are framed head-to-toe, so the cuts are a little "jumpy." These would work better if the camera also moved farther and closer from the actors--maybe alternating from head-to-toe to waist-up, maybe getting in really close (shoulders-up) to get some facial reactions--especially on the young father as he realizes he's going to lose. Keep that in mind for your next project and your fions will keep getting better. 

    BTW, great look on the daughter's face when daddy burns. I don't know how you got her looking so sad, but that shot (and transition to 20 years later)  is the emotional core of the film, and it really works well.

    Good work! Be proud, and good luck in the contest. :) 

  • maui9
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    Wow thank you so much. I agree with you 100 percent. We were on a time constraint because we had a hurricane coming the next day and we didn't know how bad it was going to hit us. So we filmed the fight scene in about an hour and thirty minutes. Luckily we did because the park and most of the parks here are still closed to this day.  I will definitely be taking your advice :). The shot with my daughter at the end was actually a reshoot. The first one we could not get her to look at the camera because of how bright it was outside and wayyyyy too many distractions. So I did it green screen but my wife was like it just didnt look right. So we reshot it with my wife at the helm of the camera(we she is really good with) and at the moment the wind blew and the tarp ontop of the house next door made a loud noise and scared her. Just perfect timing. Again thank you I Love your work and what you have brought to the community, so what you said truly means a lot.

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    +1 to what @Triem23 said.  I was about to comment on how the fight scene, while mostly pretty effective, could've used better staging, better attention to screen direction consistency, and a better sense of actual energy and power in the choreography, but those issues make sense after reading about the time constraints you were working under.  Long story short, a good fight scene takes time, and time is one thing you didn't have.

  • Andy001z
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    It was well done, just maybe the transition from family moment to park was a bit jarring. It would of helped if there was some pre-clue to the fact that these guys had magicly powers. Maybe a flaming hand in front of daughter to show dads powers might of given the watcher some element of the videos nature. Or when he steps outside the bad agent (whatever) faces off and our dad uses a teleport to the park, which then clearly says Magic is ok in this world.

  • StormyKnight
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    @maui9 - Like the title on the back of dude at the beginning.

    To Triem23's point about the fight sequence and the different types of shots. It looks like you were using a quality camera and one trick I've learned is; if you have limited footage to work with, you can manipulate the footage to make shots look different by scaling the footage up and centering the subject(s).  This can give you a variety of mid range to close up shots without having to re-film. You can also use parts of footage you may have cut due to length. Use the scrap (provided it's not ridiculously short) footage to vary the types of shots. Did that make sense?

    I enjoyed the effects - especially the rock that came out of the ground and hit the adversary. I didn't see that coming. Thanks for sharing and hope to see more from you in the future.

    P.S. Your daughter gets one of these from me anyway! lol



  • maui9
    maui9 Website User Posts: 84

    Thank you everyone for your advice and the kind words. @stormyknight you are so right about scaling the footage. My daughter will be thrilled with the award, since she loves shiny things lol. @jsbarret definitely correct about the feeling of power. 

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